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Liposuction & Liposculpture Near Calgary

Dr. Brooks will be offering liposuction as an additional procedure with other cosmetic surgeries like tummy tucks, breast lifts, breast augmentation or mommy makeovers.  The cosmetic procedures will take place at an accredited Non- Hospital Surgical Facility, Southland Surgical Centre. For a preview of the surgical space click HERE.

Liposuction can be booked as it’s own independent surgery.

Please call 403-487-0460 so we may create your patient profile and book you for a consultation.

Dr. Brooks does not do virtual consultations.

The Medicine Hat Regional Hospital does not have liposuction equipment, and so Dr. Brooks is unable to offer this procedure there with covered AHS procedures like breast reductions.

What is Liposuction and Liposculpture?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure where a device called a cannula is inserted via a small puncture to an inconspicuous area of your body, and once the cannula is in place the liposuction machine uses suction to safely aspirate (vacuum) and remove your unwanted body fat.

Liposculpture is a form of liposuction where the surgeon adds further definition, which can create a more sculped look.  Liposculpture can give you a more athletic looking result, like the abdominal outline of a six pack or the “cut” look of well-defined arms.

The purpose of liposuction is to slim and reshape targeted areas of your body.  While removing excess fat deposits Dr. Brooks focusses on your overall natural contours and proportions.  Dr. Brooks is an experienced surgeon; he understands the anatomy and aesthetic techniques that will result in the best outcomes for his patients as he removes your fat deposits, contours your hips, inner thighs, arms, abdomen, love handles, chin, or other areas.

At what location does the liposuction treatment take place?

Liposuction is not performed at our office.  Liposuction is a surgical procedure performed by Dr. Trevor Brooks at an accredited surgical facility.  Dr. Brooks, the anesthesiologist and the surgical team nurses will ensure you are comfortably asleep with general anesthesia or local anesthetic with sedation provided throughout your procedure.

Who is a good candidate for liposuction?

No matter how diligent and committed you are with your diet and exercise, you may hereditarily still have areas of fat that persist.  Liposuction appeals to both women and men who are in generally good health and are interested in contouring specific areas of their body. An ideal candidate for liposuction has already taken steps to lead a healthy lifestyle, and they have a body mass index below 30.  Liposuction is not intended to replace weight loss.

Is liposuction really worth it?

Over 85% of people who have undergone liposuction recommend it as a “worth it procedure” on realself.ca.

How soon will I see results from liposuction?

Results are usually seen 1 to 3 months after surgery.  Swelling is quite common immediately after surgery and you will wear compression devices for 4-6 weeks after your liposuction procedure.  Remember your results will be permanent only if your weight and healthy lifestyle are maintained.  After your liposuction procedure any weight you gain will alter your results.

What if I want liposuction, but I don’t live in Medicine Hat?

Dr. Brooks insists that patients stay in Medicine Hat for 1-3 days as post-surgery complications usually become apparent early on.  This policy is in place for other cosmetic procedures as well.

Additional Procedures

Liposuction is often paired with other complementary cosmetic procedures such as Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Breast Augmentation (implants), Mommy Makeover (tummy tuck & breast augmentation), or Mastopexy (breast lift).

How long is the wait for liposuction?

If you have a date in mind for your liposuction procedure, call us as soon as possible and we will do our best to make it happen.  Dr. Trevor Brooks is a remarkably busy plastic surgeon.  He divides his time between Medicine Hat Regional Hospital and his aesthetic clinic Essentials Medi-Spa.

How much does liposuction cost?

The exact quote for your liposuction surgery depends on a lot of factors, mainly the length of time it will take to perform your procedure and/or how many areas you choose to treat.  Each cosmetic surgery Dr. Brooks completes is personalized to his patient’s individual surgical requirements.  An exact quote will be provided to you at the time of your consultation.

Is financing available for liposuction?

Dr. Brooks is happy to work with either Medi Card (I-Finance Canada) or Pay Bright.  Both companies provide financing options for cosmetic procedures. We also recommend that you contact your local bank branch to see if they can offer you a lower interest rate.


At your consultation, Dr. Trevor Brooks will spend 30 minutes to discuss your liposuction surgery and answer your questions.  If you think of questions after your consult, please call the clinic and we can answer them for you.

You can view Dr. Brooks’ liposuction post operative care sheet here.

Please note when looking at before and after photos of liposuction online that individual results will vary.

Essentials Medi Spa

Dr. Trevor Brooks offers more cosmetic procedures for fat reduction and skin tightening like the Morpheus8 at Essentials Medi Spa 

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