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Cosmetic Surgery For Large Ears

If you have prominent ears, there is a good chance that you have tried every trick in the book to make them less noticeable. Covering them up with your hair and wearing hats to pin them back works great, but those are a temporary fix

Should I Get Round or Teardrop Shaped Breast Implants?

The number one goal in breast augmentation surgery is creating a breast that looks naturally beautiful. This can be achieved through specialized surgical techniques and breast implants that are custom fit for your unique needs. The good news is there are many breast implant options to choose from and the great news is you don’t have […]

Surgery With Dr. Brooks

Dr. Brooks has been serving cosmetic and reconstructive surgery patients in Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan since March 2014 and has performed over 1000+ procedures thus far. From your initial consultation to your post-operative care, our team of patient coordinators, nurses and Dr. Brooks are here to help you all the way through.