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Post- Surgery Scar Management & Massage Techniques

Scar Tissue After a surgery you will develop scar tissue.  Dr. Brooks will see you for your follow ups and suggest when to start doing your scar massage.  He will instruct you (or a family member) in the proper scar massage technique. Why a family member? Scar massage doesn’t feel pleasant.  Patients will often go […]

May is Melanoma Awareness Month

Melanoma Awareness Month Should Be Every Month – But Officially It’s May Plastic surgeons are often involved in removing skin cancers as many occur on the face in areas where the sun hits us most directly (nose, cheeks, temples and ears). Please don’t ignore changes seen on your skin!  The longer you wait to have […]

BRA Day in Calgary!

In one way or another all of us have been affected by breast cancer. Whether it be through a family member or a friend, maybe you were diagnosed with breast cancer and had to go through it on your own.

Easiest Way to Identify Melanoma

Dr. Brooks, the Skin Cancer Foundation, and many other leading authorities all stress the importance of self examinations as the early detection of cancer. The earlier you find it, the more apt it is to be completely curable