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Dr. Trevor Brooks is a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon serving Medicine Hat, Southeastern Alberta and Western Saskatchewan. Dr. Brooks is known for his talent in tummy tuck, breast implants & breast lift surgeries.

See him for a consultation at his clinic located within his Medical Spa today.

Dr. Brooks removed two concerning area from my head and hand. They both turned out to be Squamish [Squamous] cell skin cancer. He was very careful and thorough with the surgery.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 09/24/20

I had a breast reduction Dr. Brooks did an awesome job my new breasts look great!! He and his staff made the whole experience easy explaining everything well and answering any questions when I needed answers.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 08/20/20

Saw Dr Brooks for a tummy tuck. Very thorough explanation and no hesitation answering my questions. Highly recommend!

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 10/28/19

I saw Dr. Brooks as part of my reconstructive procedures. His staff were friendly and professional. Dr. Brooks himself was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and made me feel very comfortable. I agree that we are luckily to have such a wonderful surgeon in Medicine Hat.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 05/02/19

Dr. Brooks and his staff are fantastic. I had breast rebalancing and a lift done. Dr Brooks was very knowledgable, professional, and thorough and answered all of the questions I had. It was a great experience from the consultation, the procedure, through to the follow-up appointments. I am extremely happy with my results. We are so lucky to have such an amazing surgeon in Medicine Hat.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 04/22/19

Dr. Brooks did my carpal tunnel surgery on both my wrists, not only did he work quickly and efficiently, but he had a joyful, calming demeaner as he explained what was happening, sounds I maybe hearing and rehabilitation/physio exercises to keep you calm, cool, and relaxed.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 04/22/19

Dr. Brooks and all of his staff are friendly, kind and amazing <3

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 04/21/19

Love everyone in the office, so kind and knowledgeable! I was so nervous to do anything but they put you at ease and talk you through every step.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 04/21/19

I can not say enough nice things about Dr. Brooks and his amazing staff! In January I had a lift done by him and I am over and beyond ecstatic with my results. During the consultations prior to my surgery he was so informative and made sure I understood everything it involved. He is professional, punctual and very easy to talk to. I 100% recommend him!!

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 04/21/19

I had a reduction 3 yrs ago, was pleased then and still pleased. Wonderful doctor. I have recommended him to friends, and they also are soooooo pleased with him and his work. Thank you Chelsea for being soo helpful. You guys make a great team. Kind and beautiful.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 04/21/19

I recently had a Breast Reduction done by Dr Brooks for pain in my shoulders and neck and that has resolved and I am super happy with the outcome !!! Everything looks fantastic , everyone was professional and caring from his office staff to the Day Surgery Nurses to the Staff in the OR . Can’t Thank You enough.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 03/22/19

I have several procedures done by Dr. Brooks and staff. Great results every time.

AnonymousRate MD;s ~ 10/1618

Just am one week post op today. On August 24, 2018 Dr. Brooks preformed a reduction on me. I just got the dressings off today….. WOW. Thank you so much! Today I can start loving how I look and feel about myself again. Thank you for giving me that! The day of surgery went very well; girls on day surgery unit -very pleasant. Dr. Brooks was punctual, has a great sense of humour. I look forward to the 2 week check up and the final results.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 08/31/18

10 stars if you ask me Dr.Brooks, Chelsea Brooks and the whole medispa team were outstanding, kind, sincere, and extremely skilled!!! So lucky to have this team of wonderful professionals in Medicine Hat

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 08/31/18

Outstanding doctor. He seemed brilliant and very genuine. Thanks Dr. Brooks.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 06/06/18

I highly recommend Dr Trevor Brooks – one of the best doctors and one of the best decisions I ever made! I fully agree with the feedback below on Feb 28, 2018. It’s less than 4 weeks after surgery, and I love the new “me”. Throughout the whole process, Chelsea went the extra mile all along & helped to get dates co-ordinated for out-of-town patient, the day & theatre staff at Medicine Hat Hospital were great and best of all, I had the funniest doctor at my bedside getting me up and about after surgery.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 05/30/18

Had a consultation today about getting a breast reduction, something I have wanted for almost five years, after going in and talking with Dr.Brooks, I was convinced it was 100% still the right choice. He was very open about risks, while still assuring me everything will be fine. Very professional, funny, and calm. His whole demeanour made me very comfortable in a vulnerable state. I am looking very forward to my surgery and am thankful I waited until I found the right doctor!

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 02/28/18

Dr Brooks and his team are incredible. I searched for a long time to find the perfect fit for myself, and the moment I had my consultation with him and his team, I immediately felt confident I had came to the right place. He is extremely timely, and very personable. Best doctor I’ve ever been to.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 01/22/18

Excellent surgeon with great bedside manner. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 10/26/17

This is the most amazing Plastic Surgeon. I am a 54 year old woman and I was quite unsure if I would be a good candidate for a tummy tuck. I had a c section when I was 20 years old and there were issues so the doctor cut me from my pubic bone up to my belly button. I suffered with shame for 33 years. I went to Dr Brooks and I was so encouraged by what a nice person he was and he was always on time and always very professional. His assistant Chelsea was amazing as well. I am so thrilled with my results. I recovered very quickly, I did not have one issue and I was basically back to normal three weeks later. If you want the best results go see this doctor. This was the best decision I have ever made and I no longer walk around in shame or try to hide my stomach. Life is so much better. Thank you Dr. Brooks

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 12/13/16

I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Trevor Brooks. This man is pro , he explains everything and lets you know what to expect afterwards. Honestly no pain after, just nauseous the first day. If you have any questions he will gladly answer them, you can call his assistant Chelsea and she is more than happy to help with any last minute inquiries. I did my research and as far as I am concerned I was extremely lucky to find him. This man is an excellent Plastic Surgeon and the girls look beautiful!!!

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 11/01/16

I am 5 days post op from Breast Reduction surgery. I have to say I am so pleased and thrilled about my procedure. Dr. Brooks is realistic and states facts which I love and appreciate. I have minimal pain and off pain meds since the 3rd day! Swelling is down and bandages are off tomorrow. My follow up appointments were all made for me which was really handy. Dr. Brooks is an excellent surgeon and I highly recommend him. Thank you for reducing my neck and back pain almost instantly.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 08/23/16

I am a 21 Y.O female who is in need of a breast reduction. I was so nervous about having to get this surgery done. I met Dr. Brooks and had a very good experience and he made me more comfortable about my decision to get my breast reduction done. He’s very personable and funny.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 06/28/16

I had breast reduction with lift and it went fantastic. Pain was minimal, healing is quick. Dr. Brooks was amazing as well as his staff and the nurses at the hospital. Best decision I ever made and I highly recommend him!!!

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 04/27/16

Every appointment I had, there was no waiting time at all. Love this doctor/surgeon. And his receptionist as well. My breast reduction went very well and his work is excellent. I would recommend Dr. Brooks to anyone that needed work done in what he specializes in.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 02/19/16

Very pleased with Dr. Brooks. My husband had a growth in his hand removed.  Dr. Brooks is very caring and kind.  Follow up was done in a timely manner. He is very good.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 01/20/16

Dr. Brooks recently did surgery on both my hands for carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Brooks and his nurse are very competent, skilled and compassionate. They had exceptional bed side manner. I was told I would have to wait for the results of the electric conduction testing, prior to Dr. Brooks doing surgery but he was willing to do my surgery after my initial assessment, based on his thorough assessment. Dr. Brooks’ receptionist is very polite and considerate. Due to the severe pain I was living with, I asked to be on a cancellation list. My first hand was done THE DAY AFTER I saw Dr. Brooks for an initial assessment, thanks to the kindness and consideration of his receptionist! She also called and offered to bump up the date of my second surgery. I have no complaints about the entire experience. As a final comment, I must say Dr. Brooks is easy on the eyes as well;-). Haha… Now his nurse will know who wrote this.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 06/14/15

Breast augmentation was frightening for me, but Dr. Brooks’ history of working with many breast surgeries, along with his gentle and down-to-earth nature, alleviated my worries. I found him to be very caring; he listened to what I really wanted, and then made it happen. I am happy with the results, and pleased with my entire experience with Dr. Brooks and his team. He is meticulous and takes great pride in his work. My results are a natural look and other doctors have validated that Dr. Brooks did a fantastic job. It was a bonus too, to have the surgery done locally!

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 04/30/15

Dr. Brooks is clearly very skilled and knowledgeable yet very humble and friendly. I felt informed, safe, and comfortable the entire time. His receptionist is super friendly and helpful. I had to rebook once and she was very accommodating. She called the day before my surgery and made sure I knew where I was going. My entire experience was great. I will definitely go back to Dr. Brooks in the event I need his expertise again. Medicine Hat is lucky to have such a congenial and talented surgeon.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 02/12/15

Dr. Brooks made it easy to understand all the steps of my breast augmentation surgery. I am very happy with my new chest!!! The receptionist is so nice and made the experience very pleasant. I highly recommend Dr. Brooks 🙂

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 01/24/15

I had a great experience with Dr. Brooks. He was honest, and easy to speak to. He made me feel like I was in good hands! I can’t wait for my breast reduction surgery. I really recommend this surgeon.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 11/04/14

He removed a little basal cell carcinoma from my ear. It was almost a pleasant experience because of his kind gentle manner.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 10/14/14

Excellent experience all around. From the front desk staff to Dr. Brooks himself they were friendly and polite and had me at ease the entire time. I recently had four moles removed and my incision sites are flawless. Its hard to believe there are stitches in there haha. Thank you again!!

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 07/21/14

I supported an individual with a disability to have her ear lobes repaired after being torn from heavy earrings. Dr. Brooks was very kind and explained what he was doing at all times. She was very comfortable and calm due to his gentle approach. He provided her with excellent information that she was able to understand. Excellent experience.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 06/13/14

Had recent breast reduction. Extremely satisfied. Highly skilled surgeon with excellent manner.

AnonymousRate MD’s ~ 05/29/14

I would trust Dr Brooks with my kids. Amazing. He is a source of information for anyone in the medical field.  The medical staff are impeccable.

AnonymousRate MD’s 07/23/21

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